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Hi, I am Barbara Harris, a tailor by profession, and besides, I have been working as a sewing expert for more than seven years now. I started Sewing Machine View back in 2015 to help all levels of sewers with the knowledge and skills that they would need to be the best in this industry.

Over the years, I have helped many sewing machine enthusiasts find the right sewing machines and other sewing accessories. Further, I have tons of articles to guide you with various aspects of sewing, including sewing machine set up, embroidery, quilting, and DIY Projects.

My Blog

Every post I publish on my blog is a product of in-depth research. I have a lot of articles for beginners. The market is full of various sewing machine models, and it is not an easy task to choose the right sewing machine. I strive to educate you about the different types of sewing machines suitable for sewers’ different levels.

I have many posts for intermediates and experts. I publish the product recommendations after spending many hours testing several products. Many people have found our buying guide section extremely helpful. Sewing Machine View covers machine reviews, accessories, embroidery, quilting, arts and crafts, and DIY Projects.

The machine reviews section deals with helping you find the right sewing machines and keeping up with the best brands. The accessories section helps you in finding the best accessories for your project. Besides, I have an embroidery section to help you find the best sewing machines and accessories for embroidery. I also have many posts in quilting. I have a DIY section, especially for the DIY enthusiasts, and it has everything you would ever need for any DIY project.

The way I choose the products

Choosing the right product isn’t an easy job for sure, and it holds true for sewing products as well. However, I have been doing this for the past many years now, and I enjoy it quite a lot. There are just too many sewing products available in the market. Suppose a beginner were to choose a product. In that case, it could be very painful, and most importantly, one is always surrounded by the risk of choosing the wrong product since sometimes, it’s hard to determine the quality of a product only by its looks. That’s where I help my readers.

I am pretty glad that I have been able to help so many sewing enthusiasts over the years. So, the way I choose the products is simple. I would go with the best brands and their products. Besides, I spend a lot of time reading reviews of users. Most importantly, I would always test a product by actually using it. I am pretty lucky to have got a reasonably large sewing friends community in my city itself, and that way, I get to test as many sewing products as possible.

However, when testing a sewing product, a sewing machine, for example, I try to ensure that the sewing machine is up to the mark in all aspects. As far as the crucial aspects go, it comprises ease of use, price, project requirements, advanced features, and more. Testing a sewing machine or any other sewing product is surely not a matter of just a few minutes, and usually, it takes up to 2 to 3 hours.

Most importantly, I am totally aware of how some blogs would simply deceive the readers into buying something with biased reviews. However, this isn’t true with Sewing Machines View, and most of my readers would agree with it as well. For every product I recommend, I make sure that the product is perfectly suitable for your requirements. Besides, durability is always a huge factor I always consider while choosing a product.

The Buying Guide

Do you always remember the important factors while buying a product? The answer is no, and most of us don’t even check the essential features well before buying a product. Choosing a product without ensuring it meets all the important criteria can lead to frustrating results. This is where the buying guide comes into play.

For every review I publish on my blog, I always try to provide you with the most comprehensive buying guide. That way, you can also be the best judge of the products and would also be able to determine if a product is good or bad based on the various factors.

I create my buying guide section based on user type and the type of sewing product in use. Over the years, I have been really fortunate to have received many positive feedbacks for the buying guide section, and I am glad many of you have found it immensely helpful. This motivates me to come up with even better and useful posts.

Besides helping you instantly find the right product for your project, I want you all to learn how to choose the right sewing product so that you can guide more people as well in times to come. The sewing machine community is big, and with more people becoming experts in this field, the sewing machine community is certainly going to get even bigger and better.

Another crucial factor for any sewer is to complete their work within the deadline, and this is where I look for the best features that would help you speed up your word with much ease.

Sewing Tutorials

I have been teaching sewing for many years now at my sewing school, and that’s why writing good sewing tutorials has never been actually difficult for me as yet… I am pretty aware of the requirements and hurdles of different levels of sewers.

On this blog, I have some excellent sewing tutorials for beginners, and I am looking forward to coming up with tutorials for intermediate and advanced users as well. However, when I write these tutorials, I always make sure that I keep things exceptionally simple and understandable for my readers.

I also love interacting with my readers almost every day. That way, I know how many readers learned sewing by merely going through my blog, which is a massive compliment in itself.

For beginners looking forward to learning sewing and enjoying every bit of it, this blog can be your best friend, from finding you the right sewing machine to teaching you the essential fundamentals.

Some of the best reviews I have covered so far

I have reviews for all types of users, and so far, I have written a lot of useful reviews. One of these reviews happens to be the best sewing machine for beginners, wherein I have explained all the essential factors to bear in mind while choosing the right sewing machine for beginners. I have written it based on my actual experiences with absolute beginners and what is most important here is to find one machine that is easy to use with the essential features alone.

As one learns some skills gradually, one could move to a comparatively advanced sewing machine. I always recommend starting with a mechanical sewing machine for a beginner since it is easy to handle and affordable. If you are just a beginner, you won’t need more than just six built-in stitches, and the most important ones are straight, zigzag, and stretch.

Buying a machine with too many stitches will simply confuse you and make things appear over-complicated. Besides, a one-step buttonhole, auto threader, and the free are some of the features you would need to have in your machine.

Another review that my readers have appreciated me a lot for is the ten best affordable sewing machines. I totally understand it is pretty important for you to find the right sewing machine for your project or skills within your budget. However, it is also essential to ensure that you find a reliable sewing machine.

After all, you can’t afford to compromise on quality for the sake of price. I must admit I had to put a lot of thought into it, and all the while I was writing this content, I had to continually remind myself that I needed to find the right mix of quality and affordable pricing. This took me much longer than writing any other content, and eventually, I thought it was worth it seeing many people largely benefited from this post.

Apart from this post, the 15 best sewing machines for advanced sewers also turned out to be a major success, and a lot of advanced users have sent me their positive feedback for this post. I covered the most advanced sewing machines for all advanced users testing around 30 sewing machines from the best brands. I emphasized some of the most advanced features such as LED display, adjustable width and height, decorative stitches, portability, twin needle, reverse switch, and more.

Further, I have covered reviews of the best sewing machine brands along with their best products. I have also covered many single product reviews. Many readers have found these posts extremely helpful in keeping up with the best sewing machine brands and products.

Even if you are looking to find some information on sewing machine accessories, you can find it right here on this blog under the accessories section. Sewing Machine view has tons of reviews on sewing machine accessories.

What makes Sewing Machine View a perfect sewing machine review blog?

Even though many sewing machine review blogs are on the web, Sewing Machine View is a very popular blog among sewing machine enthusiasts. I am just so thankful to my audience for giving my blog so much love and attention. As far as my perspective goes, I have always tried my best to bring you the most unbiased reviews of sewing machines and accessories.

You will easily find answers to every single sewing-related question on my blog. Sewing Machine View is more than just a review blog, and I strive to address every aspect of sewing and the requirements of all levels of users. You can benefit a lot from my sewing tutorials and DIY projects.

Most importantly, I try to keep my post exceptionally easy to understand with no technical jargon. Back when I started Sewing Machine View, I actually started it for absolute beginners. However, now I have wonderful posts for experts as well, but I still prefer to keep the explanation extremely simple. Seeing more and more people being helped by my blog has always been the greatest motivation.

Your feedback helps me make my blog more useful for you

The credit to my success goes to my audience, and I expect more interaction and feedback from my readers. You can always feel free to share your valuable feedback. Your feedback helps me know how far I have been able to help you so far, and also, that way, I will know if there is any way I can still help you.

Besides, it helps me write better articles. You can send your queries and feedback via Email. I will always reply to your queries in less than 24 hours. 🙂

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