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5 Best Thread Nippers

Best Thread Nippers

Thread nippers are the best tools to include in your sewing kit. They will allow you to cut your threads flawlessly and quickly at very tight corners that your scissors can’t reach. Having the Best Thread Nippers will make your sewing time so much more fun and minimize waste and errors. Cutting your threads using …

5 Best Scissor Sharpener For Fabric

Best Scissor Sharpener For Fabric

Have you ever tried to cut something only to find out that your scissors are blunt and old?  It is not only a matter of frustration but also a total waste of time. Sharp scissors are safer and faster because you get to finish your job for the first time. You don’t have to go twice, and …

8 Best Sewing Scissors For Beginners

Best Sewing Scissors For Beginners

Hey, how are you? As a fanatic fan of sewing, I have always been a fan of scissors. One of my community members recently asked a question: what are the best, reasonably priced sewing scissors? The day is mine. I am spending my free time now. I hope my guidelines will be a piece of …

What is the Best Seam Ripper?

What is the Best Seam Ripper

If there is one thing to name about that is available in the toolbox of every sewer. It is ‘seam ripper,’ be it an amateur or a veteran of the art. Mistakes are part of the sewer’s job, and then the sewer has to run through the sewing process again. The seam has to be ripped to …

What is the Best Thread to Use in a Serger?

What is the Best Thread to Use in a Serger

It is crucial to buy the best serger thread, as the low tensile strength of weak quality threads will boost lint and fuzz raising. Therefore, selecting the right thread is as important as choosing the serger machine. A typical serger thread holds between 2000 to 3000 yards of thread as the sergering process requires a …