Consider Before Buying Singer Sewing Machine

Consider Before Buying Singer Sewing Machine

If you miss out on any of the important factors, the chances are that you will end up making a terrible choice for yourself, and you certainly don’t want to do this. This is why we thought of sharing some important factors for you to consider while buying the best Singer sewing machine.

Purpose & Experience

You could start by introspecting a bit about your sewing experience and, of course, the purpose for which you need to buy the sewing machine.

If you are just a newbie, it is no point choosing an advanced sewing machine model for that way; you will only build more pressure for yourself and may even drastically mess up things.

Beginners could choose a basic model that is easy to handle. The next best thing to consider is if the model you are about to choose is perfect for your project, which may be sewing heavy-duty curtains, denim, or heavy cotton twill.

In other words, you have to ensure that the machine that you are about to choose has all the essential features that you largely need for your project.

Electronic or Mechanical

You would also have to determine if you should choose an Electronic or a Mechanical machine.

As far as the basic difference goes, in an electronic machine, you will need to specify the stitch you want by pressing a button, while in a mechanical machine, one needs to have the dials turned to have the stitches that one wants.

One big advantage you can have with an electronic machine is that it is not just limited to just two layers of stitching, but instead, it allows you to work on multiple layers of material.

Determining your Budget

Once you are aware of the purpose, your experience, and, of course, the kind of sewing machine that you would need for your project, the next best thing to do would be to determine your budget. Determining your budget would be much easier now that you are aware of these factors.

After you set a budget for the sewing machine, this will help you filter out those machines that don’t fit your budget and consider only those that do. However, we can’t completely rule out that you may have to increase your budget to a certain extent sometimes if you can’t find the kind of machine you are looking for within that price range.

However, looking for a sewing machine with a certain budget in mind tends to work better than looking for one without any budget in mind.

Stitch Options

While some Stitch options are specific to your project, other stitch options are basic, and your machine needs to have them at any cost. The basic stitches are:

  • Straight Stitch for most of your stitching
  • Zig Zag for a finished look on the raw edges
  • Stretch Straight for more precision
  • Tri-motion for preventing unraveling while finishing the edges
  • Blind Hem for making hems from the right side of clothing
  • Buttonhole for making buttonholes for clothing in one step

Warranty & After Sales Service

Like in any consumer goods, you must always look for a warranty and a decent after-sales service, for there can be many technical issues with every machine.

Sometimes you may receive a faulty machine, while your machine sometimes stops working due to poor handling. This is when a good after-sales service can save your day.

The singer does have a dedicated support team to assist customers with their technical issues. However, you must register your machine for a warranty to seek support from experts.

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