Consider Before Buying Sewing Chair

Consider Before Buying Sewing Chair

Before buying a sewing chair, there are some properties that you need to consider. These include:


Sewing chairs come in different sizes. When buying such a chair, there are two main things to consider regarding size; seat cushion size and backrest height. For the seat cushion, the best size should leave a minimum of one inch from the edge of your hips when you sit on it. You do not want a perfect fit or hanging hips when sewing because it might be very uncomfortable.

The backrest is important for providing lumbar support. However, for it to provide effective support, it must be at the right height.

Be sure to check the chair’s height and seat cushion dimensions and compare them with the measurements that suit your sitting requirements.

Lumbar support

Sewing projects might take long hours over many days to complete. During these long hours, the back is more likely to start hurting if it is not well supported. Lumbar support takes care of this by relieving and preventing back pain. It has a protruding cushioned part that holds them back and keeps them straight. This gives you an upright posture, which makes it very comfortable to sit for long hours.

Seat cushion support

The seat cushion support is as important as the backrest’s lumbar support. Sitting on the chair for long periods without a properly padded cushion might hurt your hips, causing numbness and discomfort. These will most probably distract you from sewing, causing you to halt sooner than expected, therefore delaying your project.

The ideal seat cushion should have thick padding filled with high-density foam or cotton, soft and compact less when dense. This will ensure your hips have good blood circulation, preventing numbness and hip pains.

Another preferable seat cushion design would be to have the front edge slope down like a waterfall. This would eliminate pressure points that would otherwise block blood from circulating below the knees.

Height adjustment

This is not a common feature among sewing chairs, but its presence provides a lot of convenience in usage by different people. A seat height of 17 inches to 22 inches should work for most people, and thus, having this feature would enable you to adjust between those heights to set your most suitable height.

Without this feature, the best option would be to have a small pedestal to place your feet if you are too short. If you are too tall, you will have to work with your knees reaching to the sewing table.


This is another feature that is specifically meant for convenience. Swivels enable seats to rotate 360º, enabling you to reach different parts within the work area without straining.


Sewing is an art. Therefore, a sewing chair should be a work of art. The chairs should have colored cushion fabrics, colored frames, and beautiful designs. However, some designs might have plain, wooden designs, which still look good. The choice between the two depends entirely on personal preference.

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