Consider Before Buying Serger Thread

Consider Before Buying Serger Thread

Quality threads are the main requirement for completing a task correctly. If you use a chap serger thread, it might clog your serger machine and result in fuzzy and bulky seams.

Therefore, you should buy a quality serger thread. But the question is, how?

In this section, I will discuss and share some tips so that you can pick the top-rated serger thread within a few minutes. Let’s get started:


Serger Threads can be made of Polyester, cotton, nylon, and so many other materials. But Polyester is the most common among them. People worldwide use Serger Thread made of Polyester as they are strong, flexible, and durable. Polyester-made threads are suitable for multiple usages. These are also abrasion-resistant, reduce puckering, offer matte finish, and be available in a wide variety of colors.

You can also go for a poly-wrapped poly core thread that offers excellent strength. You will get attractive flat seams with this kind of thread. Cotton-made threads are not very ideal for the serger machine. 

These threads can create a mess on your serger machine with its short fibers. Also, they are not very strong compared to Polyester and poly core threads. Nylon threads are good, as well. These are very strong and ideal for swimwear and sportswear. 

Wooly nylon threads are also available in the market that is stretchy and soft. They can also be used for swimwear, sportswear, elasticized fabric, and so on. You have to decide the material according to your requirements. People often get confused about this. If you want to play safe, Polyester is the right option for you.


There was a time when serger threads were available only in few primary colors. But things have changed recently. The market is full of a wide variety of serger threads of different colors.

Also, there are multiple shades available that can be blend with your fabric ideally. Selecting the color is totally up to you. You have to check the color of your fabric and try different colors to match the thread perfectly.

Smoothness and Length

You should go for a smooth serger thread. Otherwise, it will not go through the serger effectively and will fail to create stretchy seams.

Serging work requires a lot of threads. Thus, it would help if you looked for serger threads that are at least 3000 yards long. You can even find 6000 yards long threads in the market too. Don’t forget to check the quality of the cone. It must be durable and solidly constructed.

UV Resistant and Lint Free

The thread you are selecting must contain less lint if you want hassle-free sewing. It would also help if you looked for an option that is UV resistant, mildew resistant, and never shrinks. These things are not mandatory, but if you can get those qualities, you will be benefited.


Serger Threads are not very expensive products. You will surely get one within your budget range. But there is an old saying that goes like this ‘you will get what you pay for.’ If you need the best, you have to spend a bit more.

Above we have enlisted some of the most excellent product that is cost-efficient as well. You can pick one from the above list if you don’t want any hassle.

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