Consider Before Buying Necchi Sewing Machine

Consider Before Buying Necchi Sewing Machine

There are many features you can expect from a Necchi sewing machine. But we are going to touch upon the few below.


When you buy a sewing machine, you expect it to last for years. And it’s not like something that is not possible. We have seen our mum’s stitching with the same machine for years. They could do that not because they didn’t sew much with the machine.

They could do that because the sewing machines were of high quality. Top-quality materials are mandatory to make a sturdy sewing machine. Necchi makes its sewing machines with that only.

Easy To Use

A sewing machine has to be easy to use. It doesn’t matter how many helpful, complicated features are there in the sewing machine, but the process of using those features must be easy. Bobbin loading, winding, selecting the stitches, length, and width of the stitches, every single feature has to be easy to understand for a sewist to stitch with utmost confidence.


Now, this is something that is totally up to what you prefer. But in our opinion, a beginner must start with a sewing machine with fewer built-in stitches. Many times, we do not even use many of the stitches.

Buy a sewing machine with an overwhelming amount of built-in stitches only if you know you will need it. Otherwise, keep it a minimum. And those who are going to carry it to your classes know you will need the compact ones. And they generally have only the basic stitches.


You can either have one-step or four-step buttonholes. One-step buttonholes are quick. Not that four-step buttonholes take too much time to make. But compared to one-step, it does take time. Go with the one-step buttonholes. The best is the one that has as many buttonholes as possible.

Auto needle threader

Do not strain your eyes by trying to put a thread through the needle. Instead, buy a sewing machine that works with an auto needle threader. If it’s not there, it is not for you.

Convenience Buttons

When you can directly select the work you want your sewing machine to do, it becomes the easiest. So, easy convenience buttons are all you need.

Extension Table

You are not going to have separate machines for stitching large and small stuff. So, an extension table or at least a free arm is a must for you. Quilting needs space, and collars require tight space to sew. So the sewing machine must offer both.

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