Consider Before Buying Juki Sewing Machine

Consider Before Buying Juki Sewing Machine

Before buying a Juki sewing machine, there are some factors that you need to consider. These are:


The most common types of modern sewing machines are either electronic and computerized.

Electronic sewing machines usually have fewer built-in stitching patterns than their computerized counterparts, with some even having just a single straight stitch.

Although this limits the machine’s capabilities, it means that they are more specialized and designed to produce the perfect few stitch designs that they have built-in. They are also usually cheaper than computerized units.

However, Juki mini-industrial sewing machines are electronic. These are very expensive because they are very durable to handle thick and heavy fabrics while stitching quickly, just like in an industrial unit.

You should only buy such a machine if you are a pro and you want a specialized piece to handle one type of stitch pattern.

On the other hand, computerized sewing machines feature multiple built-in stitching patterns, with some even going beyond the 200-mark. This presents a selection challenge, and for that reason, they usually feature LCD screens, selector buttons, and stitch charts for referencing purposes.

The good thing with having these multiple stitch patterns is that you get a very versatile machine used in any sewing project. However, this makes them very expensive.

Number of stitches

The more the number of built-in stitches that a Juki sewing machine has, the more versatile it is in terms of the wide range of sewing projects that it can be used on.

However, with a very high number of patterns, you might find that you never use some of them, and thus, they just cost extra money, yet they don’t add any value to your sewing projects.

The best thing to do is to consider your stitching requirements. If you do mostly decorative work, you need a machine with as many built-in stitches as possible. If you mostly use one or a few stitches on your work, buy a cheaper Juki sewing machine that has exactly what you need.

Free Arm

A free arm is a must-have in a sewing machine because it helps you get to hard-to-reach areas while stitching your fabrics. These include collars, pant hems, cuffs, and the like.


Fast sewing machines enable you to finish working on your project much faster. However, they are ideal for experienced sewers; beginners might mess their work if they work at these fast speeds.

Instead of buying a slow machine, if you are a beginner, the ideal thing would be to have a variable speed setting so that as you advance your skills, you get to increase the speed for faster productivity.


Apart from having a variable sewing speed, other features to consider include an adjustable stitch width and length, which give you more flexibility when working on various projects.

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