Consider Before Buying Electronic Sewing Machine

Consider Before Buying Electronic Sewing Machine

Before buying any electronic sewing machine, you should consider the following.

Number of stitches

What you need is very different from what excites you. Some electronic sewing machines come with a huge stitch set, which is more than you need for your sewing projects. You need a straight and a zigzag stitch for basic sewing, usually available on all electronic sewing machines.

The extra stitches usually depend on how you intend to use your machine. If you are a creative and curious person, multiple decorative stitches will work for you. Otherwise, there is no need to spend more money on something that you will probably never use.

Machine type

Electronic sewing machines are widely considered to be a hybrid between mechanical and computerized sewing machines. However, they can also be considered super-set, covering all electronic plus computerized sewing machines because of their similarities.

Electronic machines generally have a wide variety of decorative and utility stitches, with selector buttons and an LCD screen for easy selection. These not only allow you to select your stitch but also enable you to make stitch size adjustments as well. However, even with their multiple decorative stitches, they do not have the capability of creating embroidery designs.

Computerized machines are usually more expensive than electronic ones. They are still equipped with more stitches and more programmable settings to simplify your sewing process when working on different projects. They are also advanced enough to make embroidery designs, which means that this machine is your type if you work on embroidery projects.

Adjustment settings

Machine adjustment settings mainly come in the form of stitch length and width adjustment. These are a must-have in any electronic sewing machine because they give you the flexibility to stitch tightly knit stitches for things like toys or loosely knit ones when trying out new designs. While most machines offer these features, some might not have them. Therefore, it is worth confirming this before buying your machine.

Stitching speed

Stitching speed directly affects how fast you can complete your sewing projects. Faster swing speeds mean that you get to stitch more quickly, although you have to be more careful not to mess up the stitches. 

Thus, a variable/ controllable speed option would also be an excellent feature to have, which would be especially good for beginners as they learn the craft. They can then switch to faster speeds if and when they are ready to do so. Therefore, the ideal machine should have a quick and controllable sewing speed.


Ergonomics in electronic sewing machines range from the convenient placement of controls to responsiveness and other sewing table size factors. All these should be good enough for easy use. The machine controls should be clearly labeled and easy to reach when sewing while also being highly responsive. 

For instance, the foot pedal should respond instantly to the pressure you apply for a more comfortable sewing experience. A well-sized sewing table will also give you a more comfortable sewing experience because it gives you a larger space to work with.

Free arm

A free arm might seem like a non-essential item, but it is efficient. Once in a while, you might need to repair pant hems, collars, or other hard-to-reach places in fabrics, and a free arm will be of great help in such situations. Therefore, it is essential to consider this feature before buying your machine.

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