Consider Before Buying Brother Sewing Machine

Consider Before Buying Brother Sewing Machine

Brother sewing machines have many similarities but are different in some ways, making them suitable for different people. To pick the best one, you need to consider the following.

Type of machine

Sewing machines come in 3 main types: mechanicalelectronic, and computerized. Mechanical sewing machines are not used a lot because they have minimal features, and each of their settings has to be done manually. However, they are the cheapest of the three options.

Electronic sewing machines are a big improvement from their mechanical counterparts. Being electronic means that, first and foremost, they have an electric motor that drives the sewing operations. Additionally, they come with some built-in stitches (at least ten but not very many) that are easily selected using dials, making them quite easy to use.

Computerized sewing machines are the most advanced of these three. They usually come with a large number of built-in stitches (in the hundreds) and have the option of having more imported as long as the format of the imported files matches what the inbuilt computer can read.

Most features are touch or non-touch LCD screens and selector buttons for easy selection because the stitches are just too many to use dials. However, they are the most expensive of the three types.

When selecting the brother sewing machine, it is important to consider this because the type determines the cost. Two, it determines the stitching possibilities that you can achieve using a single machine.

Number of stitches

Although the type of machine can direct you to the range of the number of stitches it has, it does not give you the exact number. For instance, if you want to buy a computerized brother sewing machine, not all of them have the same number of built-in stitches. The same applies to electronic sewing machines.

Therefore, it is important to consider this number because it tells you the variations you have at your disposal: decorative, essential, buttonhole.


The ideal brother sewing machine should have adjustable features such as adjustable speed, stitch width, and length so that you can have the flexibility of selecting your custom settings. Without these features, you will have to work with what was built in by adjusting your sewing methods to fit the machine instead of the other way around.

Ease of use

Ease of use is an aspect that depends on various features. Some of these features include an automatic needle threader, which simplifies inserting the thread into the needle’s eye, threading diagrams to simplify the threading process, and automatic bobbin winders, among many others.

Such features make sewing machines easy to use and should be considered before making any purchase.


If you need to travel around with your sewing machine, you better get a small-sized, lightweight one. It should come with additions such as a protective case for safeguarding the machine and carrying handles to make it easy to hold.

However, if you sew or quilt from one location, the weight factor should not worry you. Small and lightweight means that some features might be missing or limited to make it smaller and lighter. Therefore, in such a case, prioritize the machine’s features more than its weight.

Quilting capability

Not all brother sewing machines have quilting capabilities. Ideally, if you want a quilting machine, you should look for features such as drop feeds for free quilting, a wide removable table, and quilting feet. These make it possible to work on quilting projects and normal sewing projects from a single machine.

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