7 Best Industrial Sewing Machines

Best Industrial Sewing Machines

Industrial sewing machines are far more superior to their domestic counterparts. They have more powerful motors, are larger in size, and have faster switching speeds, making them the preferred choice for large scale cloth-making industries. However, this should not scare you. 

Such a machine can also be used in your home professionally to handle voluminous sewing projects. It is designed to endure long hours of use and fast stitching, and this will definitely help you fast track your work and deliver on time. 

However, these industrial sewing machines are quite many, and selecting the best one to help you achieve this might be challenging. It would help if you looked at a couple of things before settling down on one, but before that, here are the best industrial sewing machines on the market. 

Reviews of the Industrial Sewing Machine 2021 – (Editors’ Choice)

1. Yamata FY8700 Industrial Sewing Machine 

Yamata FY8700 Industrial Sewing Machine

This industrial sewing machine is specifically meant to create lock stitches in fabrics. It has a powerful 1/2 horsepower clutch motor that provides enough power to push the needle through light and medium fabrics, making it ideal for light denim, silk, and medium-thick cotton materials. Clutch motors have the advantage of being able to work for many hours at high speed with no interruption.

This particular one can run at a maximum speed of 1725 rotations per minute, and this enables the machine to make 5500 stitches per minute at full speed. This high speed enables you to stitch quite a lot in a short amount of time, shortening the time to completion of your sewing project.

It comes complete with all the components, including the sewing table, drawer, motor, and belts. It is shipped in parts, meaning that the machine head, table, motor, and the rest have to be assembled on site. However, it is quite easy to put the pieces together with a good assembly guide, making it use a few minutes after unboxing.

The included sewing table is advantageous because it gives you a large working space to place your fabrics as you feed them into the machine. This table has a heavy-duty metallic frame that holds all the other components firmly in place, while the thick wooden top provides good support to the machine head, fabrics, and anything else placed on it.

Features at a glance

  • Creates 5mm long stitches that are long enough to hold fabric fibers tightly in neat seams.
  • 13 mm knee presser foot lift and 5 mm hand presser foot lift. The maximum lift (13 mm) enables you to fit light and medium fabrics easily.
  • Automatic lubrication ensures all the moving parts are kept in perfect working condition.
  • Pressure foot pedal for controlling motor speed
  • The clutch motor is designed to be very quiet. It sounds like a servo motor after a few seconds of idling.
  • It comes with a bobbin winder, 5 bobbins, 10 needles, and a screwdriver.

2. Juki DDL 8700 Industrial Sewing Machine 

Juki DDL 8700 Industrial Sewing Machine

The Juki DDL 8700 comes with a fully assembled sewing table plus a servo motor. Only the machine head must be placed on the table drop after unboxing, which drastically reduces the assembly time, enabling you to use it almost immediately after unboxing. The sewing table has a heavy-duty metallic frame, which is very durable and keeps every component firmly in place. 

The attached servo motor gives you unrivaled performance, enabling the machine to hit 5500 stitches per minute at full speed. This makes sewing a breeze by enabling you to stitch faster and at a shorter time period. 

Additionally, servo motors are known for their whisper-quiet silence when in operation, and this means that you get to stitch at such high speeds with practically very little noise, which cannot be heard from the other room. Although industrial, the motor’s silence makes it ideal for home use.

Apart from its smooth operation, the machine is straightforward to operate. It has a knee presser foot lift that lifts the presser foot 13mm, making it fit light and medium fabrics easily. This design gives your hands more freedom to perform other tasks on the tabletop, which is very convenient for this kind of job. It has a marked needle plate that helps you create straight stitches using the marked grooves as guides when feeding the fabric into the feed dogs.

Features at a glance

  • Quiet, lightweight, and power-efficient servo motor
  • Adjustable stitch length, which can reach a maximum of 5mm
  • Automatic lubrication keeps all the moving parts working in perfect condition.
  • Presser foot can be lifted by hand (5.5 mm) and my knee (13 mm), giving you convenience and flexibility.
  • Single stitch, single needle design to create straight or lock stitches
  • A top speed of 5500 stitches per minute enables you to do more in a short amount of time.

3. Singer 191D-30 Industrial Sewing Machine 

Singer 191D-30 Industrial Sewing Machine

This is a true workhorse in terms of the types of fabrics that it can stitch. The machine is equipped with an industrial-grade 0.5 horsepower motor that can stitch at 4000 stitches per minute. 

This industrial grade motor provides enough power to the machine head, enabling it to stitch through medium and thick fabrics, which means that quilting, as well as stitching heavy denim, should not worry you at all. Although the stitching speed is slower, it is ideal for these heavy fabrics to finish off the seams tightly and perfectly.

The whole setup comes fully assembled, with the machine and motor already fastened onto the stand frame such that you can begin using it immediately after unboxing. The wide tabletop, measuring 50” by 22.5”, gives you a large working space so that you can easily manage sewing projects that involve bulky fabrics.

The machine is designed to create straight stitches, which are commonly used in sewing projects. It has an adjustable stitch length knob that enables you to adjust the straight stitch length up to a maximum of 5 mm, giving you some flexibility to work with when creating different seams.

It has a fully automatic lubrication system that ensures all the moving parts below the machine are working in perfect condition. The motor itself is self-lubricating because it sits on an oil tank while a centrifugal pump pumps oil from this tank and circulates it on the entire machine base.

Features at a glance

  • Additional spool spin acts as a tabletop bobbin winder that enables you to wind bobbins as you sew, ensuring you always have a ready bobbin to load when the current one runs out of the thread.
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure enables you to increase or decrease the pressure exerted onto the fabric for easy sewing of light and heavy fabrics.
  • Reverse lever for reversing the stitching direction
  • Hand as well as knee presser foot lifter. The hand lifter raises it 5.5 mm while the knee lifter raises it 13 mm, allowing you to slide in more fabrics between the foot and the feed dogs.
  • It comes with needles, bobbins, 3 screwdrivers, and an oil container
  • Strong and sturdy frame construction.

4. DreamJoy Industrial Sewing Machine 

DreamJoy Industrial Sewing Machine

This single needle, straight stitch/ lock stitch machine comes with its servo motor and H shaped table frame disassembled. The servo motor is significantly quiet, and this reduces the overall noise the machine produces while operational. 

Apart from being quiet, the motor is quite powerful. It can power the machine to produce up to 5000 stitches per minute at full speed, enabling you to complete sewing projects quickly. Additionally, it enables you to stitch light to medium thick fabrics, making it ideal for satin, light denim, and lace, to name a few.

It comes integrated with a lubrication system that keeps the machine and the motor running smoothly. This system can be hanged above the machine using a pulley system for easier flow of the lubricant into the machine’s moving parts.

The tabletop that comes with the machine measures 47.2” by 21.7”, which is large enough to provide enough working space for your bulky sewing projects. It is also thick enough to hold the machine head and other items placed on it. The machine head has an LED lamp attached to it that helps you illuminate this working space for better visibility, especially when working on dark fabrics. 

On the front right corner of this tabletop is a stand that has two spool pins, and this enables you to sew as you wind the bobbin at the same time. This ensures that you have a spare bobbin ready to be used when the current one runs out of thread.

Features at a glance

  • It is designed for lock/ straight stitches only.
  • Adjustable stitch length gives you the flexibility of using your desired stitch length on different fabrics. It has a maximum length of 5mm.
  • Knee presser foot lifter for ergonomic use
  • Heavy-duty motor makes it ideal for light and medium-thick fabrics.
  • It comes with all the parts disassembled, but assembly is quite easy.
  • Fast sewing speed (up to 5000 stitches per minute) for quick stitching

5. JUKI DU-1181N Industrial Sewing Machine 

JUKI DU-1181N Industrial Sewing Machine

This Juki sewing machine has a unique presser foot that does the top feeding for the fabric. Combined with the feed dogs, the top and bottom feeding design ensure that multilayered fabrics are dragged evenly as they are being stitched. The result of this is consistent seams with perfectly spaced stitches. Both feeders also give you the benefit of assisting you to pull in the fabric, making it easier for you to work with.

It is sold as a completely assembled unit, meaning that it is ready to use out of the box. The unit includes the machine head, tabletop, stand, and motor. The clutch motor, which is known to run for long hours non-stop, enables you to sew continuously for long periods of time. The tabletop gives you a wide working area to place bulky fabrics and other tools on when sewing, while the strong and sturdy frame holds every component firmly in place.

The machine has a topstitching speed of 2000 S/M, which is still quite fast for regular sewing projects. It has a stitch length adjustment dial that goes up to 9mm, giving you the flexibility of choosing what to implement on different projects. Additionally, it has a knee presser foot lifter that lifts the foot to 15mm, giving you enough space to slide in thick fabrics, though it is designed to work with medium-thick fabrics.

Features at a glance

  • Top and bottom feed for easy and even feeding of fabrics into the single needle
  • Designed to create straight stitches using a single needle.
  • The clutch motor runs the machine at 2000 S/M.
  • Adjustable stitch length using an easy to use adjustment dial
  • The automatic lubrication system keeps the machine and motor running smoothly.
  • Bobbin winder makes it easier to fill up bobbins after they run out of thread.

6. TechSew 2700 Industrial Sewing Machine 

TechSew 2700 Industrial Sewing Machine

The Techsew 2700 comes as a fully assembled U table, with a reinforced tabletop and frame for durability, plus a separate machine head. It features a cylindrical bed and a walking foot, making it ideal for light and medium tough materials and heavy fabrics. 

The walking foot is handy for such fabrics because it helps pull them into the needle for even stitching on both sides. Additionally, it assists you in the feeding process, giving you a much easier time working on your projects. The U-shaped table makes it quite easy to work on long and narrow leather projects such as belts and straps because it easily guides them into the feeders.

Its strength is gotten using a powerful 1 horsepower servo motor, which, despite its power, works very quietly, making the machine worthy of home use. This motor’s speed is adjustable, and this gives you the flexibility to work at your own pace, whether you are a beginner or an expert. 

At maximum speed, the motor gives the machine head a top speed of 2200 stitches per minute, which is quite fast considering the type of fabrics it is designed to stitch. This stitching direction is easily reversible and adjustable using a simple to use the lever, and this gives you a flexible stitch length that can be reversed to reinforce seams.

Features at a glance

  • 10.5 inch long cylinder bed enables you to reach into distant spaces when sewing.
  • Japanese rotary hook makes the machine produce high quality and consistent stitches.
  • The drop-in bobbin is easy to access when loading the bobbin.
  • Adjustable stitch length, with its maximum being 5mm
  • Presser foot can be raised to 16mm, leaving plenty of room to fix in thick fabrics.
  • It is designed to handle light and medium-thick leather material as well as and thick fabrics.
  • Requires to be lubricated manually.

7. TechSew 2900 Industrial Sewing Machine 

TechSew 2900 Industrial Sewing Machine

This industrial sewing machine is specifically designed to handle leather patching and stitching, for instance, in shoe and purse repairs. It features a 12-inch long cylinder arm that enables you to reach concealed areas in shoes and other leather items.

The presser foot can rotate 360 degrees, enabling you to sew in any direction and from any angle. Stitching is done at a slower pace (500 S/M), ideal for the tough leather material. It has a reinforced U table, which gives the whole unit durability while holding everything firmly in place.

The U shape is positioned just below the cylinder arm, leaving you with enough space below the bed so that you can work with large shoes and large bags, etc. All these are specifically meant to make leather stitching easier and more convenient.

When it comes to power, this machine is well equipped. It has a 1 horsepower servo motor, powerful enough to push the needle through the tough leather. Additionally, it is hushed, making it comfortable to use, even in your home, being a servo motor.

The motor’s speed is adjustable, and this enables you to work comfortably at your own pace. When things get out of hand and you need more control, the machine has a handwheel that you can use to do the stitching manually. This makes it easier to work the hard seams that might otherwise be destroyed when stitched at high speeds.

Features at a glance

  • The 12-inch long arm reaches hidden areas for easy stitching.
  • A powerful 1 HP motor pushes the needle through leather material easily.
  • The table comes fully assembled with a motor attached.
  • It comes with bobbins, tools, and needles.
  • Reinforced U table for durability and extra working space below the arm
  • It can be manually operated using the handwheel.


Finding the best industrial machine is very easy if you consider your line of work. The most important distinction you should make is separating the ones that handle light and medium fabrics from the ones that handle tough materials and thick fabrics. 

With this in mind, your best industrial sewing machine should first and foremost be the one that suits the material or fabric you want to stitch. Next, it should be adjustable and fast enough to enable you to work comfortably and quickly on your sewing projects. 

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