5 Best Craft Organizer On the Market

Best Craft Organizer On the Market

Do your crafts litter your room?

Do they take up all the available desk space?

Well, if this is the case, you probably have not heard about craft organizers. People working in the craft business or those who do it as a hobby usually buy many things.

If not properly organized, these items, combined with what you have created, might litter your room, making it look much disorganized. This is not tolerable and should be avoided, especially in the world of arts and crafts. Lucky for you, craft organizers can help you to store all these items within easy reach conveniently.

However, these organizers are available in different sizes and come with different features. As such, you might need some guidance before buying one. This article gives you an in-depth look at the features of 5 of the best craft organizers while also showing the benefits these features provide to you. 

Reviews of the Craft Organizer 2021 – (Editors’ Choice)

1. 4-Shelf Craft Organizer Cube, White

4-Shelf Craft Organizer Cube, White

This white-colored, 4-shelf craft organizer is designed with 4 shelves, each having a width of 13.5”, a length of 14”, and a height of 3.25”. This space multiplied by four gives you enough space to store most of your crafts and tools, while its stacking design helps you save a great deal of space.

If your item cannot fit on the shelves, there is no need to worry; three of the cube’s shelves are removable, which means that you can have the whole cube as a single storage block without any partitions. Alternatively, you can remove one or two shelves to fit your crafts and use the other shelf to keep the smaller items.

The removable shelves are quite easy to assemble and give the cube a lightweight property because their removal means you have less weight to carry. This makes it very easy to transport because it can be carried in parts then assembled onsite.

Construction-wise, the frame and shelves are made from MDF. This fiberboard is solid and very durable. It is also effortless to clean because it has smooth faces that are easy to wipe.

Features at a glance

  • White in color.
  • 4 large shelves, each measuring 13.5” x 14” x 3.25”.
  • Allows for modular stacking
  • Three removable slide-in shelves.
  • I have constructed using MDF boards, which conforms to the latest CARB safety regulation.
  • MDF boards are easy to clean.
  • Very strong and durable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Not mountable on walls. It should be placed on flat floor surfaces.

2. Desktop Craft Organizer

Desktop Craft Organizer

This craft organizer offers a more organized storage space because it is divided into 3 main parts. It has a removable marker holder at the top, which is further divided into 21 slots, and each can hold multiple markers.

The middle section is a large open shelf that can store large craft items such as vases and containers. The lower part consists of a drawer that has an ergonomic pulling handle for quick retraction. This drawer is a good place to keep fabrics, embroidery hoops, and threads, among many others.

It is constructed using high-quality MDF, which is very strong and durable. This gives the organizer a longer service life despite the wear and tear caused by the marker holder’s frequent removal and drawer. Additionally, the MDF boards have smooth faces that drastically reduce the friction caused when sliding out these parts, giving them an even longer lifespan.

Its smooth faces make it easy to clean, while the removable marker holder makes it very easy to assemble. This holder gives it the advantage of being lightweight because, when removed, it reduces the overall weight of the organizer, making it easier to carry.

Features at a glance

  • It is made using MDF boards, which conform to the latest CARB safety regulation.
  • Allows for modular stacking
  • It consists of 3 parts: an upper marker holder, an open middle shelf, and a lower drawer.
  • The marker holder is divided into 21 slots.
  • White in color.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Not mountable on walls.
  • The whole unit has a width of 14.25”, depth of 7.25”, and a height of 14.25”.

3. Multi-Shelf Craft Organizer Cube, White

Multi-Shelf Craft Organizer Cube, White

This is like the sophisticated version of the multi-shelf organizer cube. It has both horizontal and vertical shelves, making it capable of storing short, thick, and long, thin items. However, it has 4 removable shelves, which means that you can adjust the storage space’s size to store larger crafts. In fact, if all 4 shelves are removed, you are left with 2 symmetrical storage spaces.

Construction-wise, it is made of strong and durable MDF fiberboard, which have smooth faces, making them easy to clean. The whole structure is quite easy to assemble, with parts such as the shelves requiring only to be slid into their slots to complete the assembly.

The whole item measures 14.25” in width and height, with a depth of 14.5”. This is double the desktop organizer’s depth above, which means you get more storage space per single unit.

This big size also means that it is not mountable on walls. It is designed to be placed on flat floor surfaces. However, its strong MDF board construction means that more can be stacked on top of it to form a multi-layered craft organizer.

Features at a glance

  • Big in size. Measures 14.25” in width and height and 14.5” in depth.
  • Easy to clean.
  • White in color.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Not mountable on walls.
  • It is made using MDF fiberboard, which conforms to the latest CARB safety regulation.
  • Allows for modular stacking
  • Includes 4 removable shelves
  • Allows for modular stacking

4. 2-Drawer Craft Organizer Cube, White

2-Drawer Craft Organizer Cube, White

This is a little bit smaller than the multi-shelf organizer above, having two similar drawers measuring 13” in width by 13.25” in-depth, with a height of 5.25”. This means that the entire structure has a height of about 11”. This shorter design makes it easy to stack because first, small means it’s lighter to lift and stack, and two, the shorter height means that more can be stacked together.

The two drawers give it a simple design from the outside. However, upon opening them, you find a little bit of complexity that makes them more organized. Each drawer features multiple dividers, splitting the space into equal, convenient use of storage spaces. The dividers are removable, leaving you with a larger space to store larger craft items.

Construction-wise, the structure is made of MDF fiberboard, a high quality, strong, and durable wooden material. This makes the organizer very strong and capable of handling the other organizers’ weight stacked over it.

This fiberboard has other advantages, such as having smooth faces, making it very easy to wipe for cleaning. It also conforms to the latest CARB safety regulation, making it safe to use.

Features at a glance

  • Features 2 drawers, each measuring 13” × 13.25” × 5.25” on the inside
  • Each drawer has removable dividers on the inside.
  • Drawers have strong and sturdy metallic handles.
  • It is constructed using MDF material, which conforms to the latest CARB safety regulation.
  • Easy to clean and assemble.
  • Allows for modular stacking
  • White in color.
  • Not mountable on walls.

5. 3-Drawer Craft Organizer Cube – Pure White

3-Drawer Craft Organizer Cube - Pure White

The first thing you notice about this organizer is its inlay vine patterns on the drawer faces. These patterns make it stand out from the rest of the organizers because they give it some artistic detail. The rest of the organizer is painted white, and the two blend-in really well, giving you a first glimpse of the craftwork that might be stored inside.

It has 3 drawers, with the patterns forming a seamless overlay over the three, giving the impression of a continuous image. Each drawer has a metallic handle attached, strong and ergonomically designed to fit your finger underneath for easy pulling.

The inside dimensions of each drawer are 13” × 13.25” × 3.25”. This means that the height of the organizer is about 10” (3.25” × 3 drawers), making it a bit shorter than the desktop or multi-shelf organizers. Since it allows for stacking, more can be placed over each other because they occupy less space. This means that you can have a more organized storage space on tiny floor space.

Features at a glance

  • It is constructed using MDF fiberboard: a high quality, strong and durable material that conforms to the latest CARB regulation.
  • It requires assembly, but it’s straightforward to assemble.
  • Allows for modular stacking
  • Features 3 drawers with strong metallic handles
  • White in color with inlay vines patterns over the drawer faces
  • Easy to clean.
  • Not mountable on walls.


From the product review and buying guide above, you can see that there is probably a lot about the best craft organizers you were not aware of. It is important to utilize this information so that you get exactly what suits your needs.

One important thing to note is that, although the price should not be valued more than quality, you should consider it. You don’t want an overly expensive item for storing very cheap crafts inside. 

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